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Circuit Breaker of the Day the Cutler-Hammer CH2100. Recognizing and Identifying the CH2100 and the CH2100L (CH2100 LONG) Circuit Breaker

The CH2100 and CH2100L

Hello Everyone! Today's Circuit Breaker of the day is the Cutler-Hammer CH2100. Actually it is two breakers. Two breakers from Cutler-Hammer with the same catalog number on their labels that cause alot of confusion for people when they try to identify which Circuit Breaker they are going to need. The Circuit breakers of reference are the CH2100 and the CH2100 Long also known as the CH2100L. The CH2100 is your typical branch circuit breaker, Two pole, 100 Amp, 240 volt and is about 3 inches long. The second CH2100 or long version known as the CH2100L is a 2 pole Main Circuit Breaker that is about 6 inches long and like the 3 inch model is also rated at 240V and is a 100 Amp two pole. I hope this helps to clear up some confusion for you all out in Breaker Land. If you would like to Order one of these breakers you can click on the Blue Part numbers above and be directed to Relectric's Product page where you are only a few clicks away from having one of your own. Thanks for stopping by and have a Great Day!


CH2100L-Long version of the CH2100