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Large Lot of Various Circuit Breakers

Here is a little preview of what was in the lot. Some of the Circuit Breaker Catalog Numbers are BAB1020, TEY120, TED134020, FBV36TE020RV, XO120, XO115, THQB2140, THQB2130, THQB2135, THQB2150, THQB32025, THQB2120, JD3250F, JD3200, JD3150, GHB3030, GHB3015, GHB1020, GHB1025, GHB2025, GHB2035, GHB3100, QOB330, QOB315, QOB320, QOB250, QOB340, TEY115, CHB230, CH330, EHD3015L and EHD3020L. If you would like to purchase one you can either click the blue part numbers above or contact Relectric's sales department at Toll Free: (800) 497-6255 x1 or if you would like to sell a item like this please contact our purchasing department at Toll Free Phone: (800) 497-6255 x 403. Thank you for looking and make it a Great Day!