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Eaton Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breaker Lot

We just recieved a pallet of various Eaton Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breakers. Some of the Circuit Breakers included in the lot are BAB3020H, BAB3030H, BAB3050H, BAB3100H, GHB1020, GHB1030, GHB3020, GHB3030, GHB3035, GHB3050, GHB3060, GHB3070, and GHB3100'S. Some of the C Series Circuit Breakers included in the lot are FD3020, FD3025,FD3080, FD3100, HFD3020, HFD3040, HFD3100, HFD3175, JD3175, JD3250, KD3400 and ND312T36W'S. Thanks for looking and if you have any items that you are looking to sell please contact us at Toll Free Phone: (800) 497-6255 x 403, Fax: (408) 550-2491 or Email: