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Recent Transformer Arrivals

Here at Relectric we purchase all kinds of Electrical equipment. Here is a small sample of some of the Transformers we purchased in the last two weeks. If you have any questions regarding these units or would like to sell us any of the following; Dry Type Transformers such as Small distribution, Cast and Coil, or Substation and Liquid Filled Transformers including Padmount or Substation please feel free to contact us. Thanks for looking.

1-Square D, 500kVA, voltage 600-208y/120, Cat#500T8H, weight 2100lbs
2-Square D, 500kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat# 500T68HF1SCUNLP, weight 3194lbs
2-Sylvania, 500/667kVA, voltage 12000delta-208y/120, weight 2800lbs
1-MGM Transformer Company, 750kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, weight 3600lbs
3-Sylvania, 1500/2000kVA, voltage 12000delta-480y/277, weight 6250lbs
1-Cutler Hammer 45kVA, voltage 480-240delta/120, Cat#V48M22T45N, weight 310lbs
2-Square D, 30kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#30T3HCU, weight 300lbs
1-General electric, 30kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#9T83C9872615, weight 377lbs
1-Cutler Hammer, 30kVA, voltage 480-280y/120, Cat#V48M28T30K, weight 239lbs
1-Cutler Hammer, 30kVA, voltage 240-280y/120, Cat#V48M28T30M, weight 230lbs
1-Cutler Hammer, 30kVA, voltage 480-280y/120, Cat#V48M28T30EE, weight 290lbs
1-ITE, 30kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#3F3Y030, weight 370lbs
1-Sorgel Electric Corporation, 30kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#30T3H, weight 425lbs
1-Acme Transformer Company, 30kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#T-1A-53312-3S, weight 315lbs
1-Cutler Hammer, 15kVA, voltage 480-208y-120, Cat#V48M28T15CU; weight 172lbs
1-Sylvania; 15kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#152-414, weight 250lbs
1-Temco Transformer, 15kVA, voltage 208v-380y/220, Cat#TMT15H6; weight 170lbs
1-Eaton/ Cutler Hammer, 75kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat# N48M28F75A, weight 627lbs
5-Sylvania, 75kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#752-415, weight 640lbs
1-Square D, 45kVA, voltage 480-480y/277, Cat#45T76H, weight 330lbs
3-MGM Transformer Company, 50kVA, voltage 480-120/240, Cat#S50A3B2, weight 350lbs
1-MGM Transformer Company, 150kVA, voltage 480delta-208y/120, Cat#T150A3B2, weight 1000lbs
2-Square D, 30kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#30T3H, weight 250lbs
1-Sylvania, 75kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#752-415-3, weight 640lbs
1-Powerformer Dry-Type Transformer, 75kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#223-3234 weight 600lbs
1-Square D, 75kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#75T3HF1SNLP, weight 480lbs
1-Powerformer, 75kVA, voltage 480-208y/120, Cat#223-3234, weight 600lbs
1-Virginia Transformer Corp, 5000/6250kVA, voltage 20800y-12400y, weight 20,000lbs
1-Square D Power-Zone, 1500/1,725kVA, voltage 12,000d/21,000d-480y/277, weight 12265
1-T&D, 1000kVA, voltage 12,470D-480y/277, weight 7010lbs